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Key: - May Contain Nuts | - Contains Dairy Products | - Vegetarian | - Gluten Free |

- No Chilli | - Slightly Hot | - Madras | - Madras Plus | - Vindaloo | - Vindaloo Plus

Dishes may have traces of  , we have only highlighted dishes with high concentrates of products, please ask a member of staff for more information.

Adding extra hot to any curries - slightly hot, madras, vindaloo - 60p extra per dish.

Adding Tikka meats to any dish £1.00 extra per dish.

Adding extra vegetables £1.00 extra per vegetable.

Light Appertisers

1. Condiments & pickles
Mango chutney, Lal sauce, onion chutney, mint sauce  , mixed pickles
40p each
2. Plain popadom
3. Spiced popadom

Vegetarian Starters

4. Mulligatawnny Soup
A hearty soup with a hint of black pepper garnished with rice.
5. Dhaal Soup
A traditional homemade soup of mixed lentils flavoured with cumin.
6. Samosa
Mixed vegetable with spices in the famous triangular pastry.
7. Onion bhaji
Finely chopped onions fused with herbs & spices with chick pea flour, rolled into pakoras & deep fried.
8. Aloo or chana chaat
Roasted potatoes or chick peas cooked with roasted onions, tomatoes, pink salt & spices.
9. Spiced potatoes & garlic mushroom
Lightly spiced stir fry of sliced garlic & mushrooms.
10. Edge’s vegetarian assorted
Marinated Indian cottage cheese with tomatoes, onions & peppers, cooked in the tandoor.
11. Paneer shashlick
Roasted potatoes or chick peas cooked with roasted onions, tomatoes, pink salt & spices.

Seafood Starters

12. Crab roti
Homemade with roasted medium spices, wrapped in a bread.
13. Kakra cutlets
Goan style slightly spiced crab cakes.
14. Salmon tikka
Juicy pieces of pink salmon cooked tandoori style.
15. Fish shashlick
Fish marinade cooked in tandoor with Fresh peppers, onions, tomatoes served with hint of lemon.
16. Fish tikka
Fish marinated in yoghurt & aromatic spices cooked in tandoor oven.
17. Boro chingri butterfly
Deep fried large prawn in spiced bread crumbs.
18. Roti boro chingri
Savoury spiced giant prawns wrapped in puri bread also in mild creamy option.
19. Roti chingri
Same as above, with shrimps.
20. Fried garlic tiger prawns
Tiger prawns sautéed in garlic, butter & coriander, served with garlic sauce.
21. Bhaja fish
South Indian style roasted fish with sautéed onions.

Non-Vegetarian Starters

22. Duck tikka 
Juicy pieces of duck cooked in traditional tandoori spices.
23. Chicken chaat
Diced chicken breast pieces cooked with roasted onions, tomatoes, pink salt & spices.
24. Edge’s meat assorted
Selection of Indian meat hors d’ouvres. Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, latti kebab.
25. Stuffed paprika
Choice of chicken pieces, mince lamb or mixed vegetables in herbs & spices stuffed in pepper & cooked in tandoori oven.
26. Tikka
Chicken or Lamb marinated in yoghurt & aromatic spices cooked in tandoor oven.
27. Samosa
Minced meat with spices in the famous triangular pastry.
28. Nargis kebab
Lamb mince shaped like Faberge eggs stuffed with hard boiled egg & topped with omelette.
29. Murgh paneer
Lightly spiced chicken barbecued in clay oven and dressed with cheese, served with salad.
30. Shashlick 
Chicken or Lamb marinade cooked in tandoor with fresh peppers, onions, tomatoes served with hint of lemon.
31. Latti kebab (sheesh) 
Marinated minced lamb skewered & grilled in clay oven.
32. Edge’s paneer kebab
Lightly spiced minced lamb, cooked with Indian cottage cheese, served with a spicy sauce.
33. Tandoori lamb chops 
Marinated Lamb chops cooked in tandoor.
34. Tandoori chicken 
Chargrilled 1/4 of chicken cooked in aromatic herbs & yoghurt.

Clay Oven Specialties

These are marinated in herbs and traditional spices then grilled in the coal fired clay oven. (all served with a leafy salad and mint sauce )

35. Paneer shashlick
Indian cheese (paneer) marinated & grilled in the tandoori with juicy peppers, onions & tomatoes.
36. Tikka (chicken or lamb) 
(Duck when available extra £1.00) Marinated with yoghurt & light spices, tender boneless chicken or lamb.
37. Tandoori chicken
Traditional favourite, half chicken on the bone marinated in medium spices.
38. Tandoori lamb chops 
Tender lamb back chops cooked with garlic and spices in special yoghurt marinade.
39. Latti kebab (sheesh) 
Skewered luscious spicy minced lamb.
40. Tandoori mix grill 
Combination of the clay oven special meats. A delight for the taste buds.
41. Shashlick (chicken or lamb) 
Fresh succulent tikka pieces cooked in clay oven with sweet peppers, onions, tomatoes and gentle spices.

42. Tandoori boro chingri 
Juicy giant prawns grilled in tandoori oven with edge’s special recipe.


43. Fish tikka 
Delicately spiced, barbecued pieces of fish served with fried onions with hint of lemon.
44. Fish Shashlick 
Tender pieces of fish cooked in clay oven with sweet peppers, onions and gentle spices.
45. Tandoori sea bass 
Sea bass cooked with herbs & spices in tandoori oven.


Ocean Specials

Fish are boned and filleted, but may still contain a few bones.

53. Pataan king prawn 
A famous Afghanistan dish using ginger, chilli & garlic, cooked with lemon. Hot & spicy.
54. Bengal Fish hara Mossala
Bengal fish is marinated for several hours then cooked in a freshly prepared coriander with ginger root tomato, green pepper, chilli, lemon and black pepper sauce. Served with a leafy salad.
55. Boro Chingri Special
Prepared in typical goan style, this spicy and tangy dish is cooked medium hot with fresh garlic and coriander.
56. Crab Mossalladar
Minced crab meat cooked in goan style with coconuts, onion and peppers in a slightly hot special sauce.
57. Tandoori Tiger Prawn Mossala
Giant tiger prawns cooked with coconut, almonds, in special creamy tandoori sauce.
58. Tandoori Tiger Prawn Jalfrezi
Tiger prawns prepared in tandoor, and then cooked with onions and peppers in savoury medium sauce.
59. Boro chingri Roshni
Slow cooked tiger prawns, fused with the famous spicy achari sauce.
60. Bengal Fish Curry
Marinated fish cooked in medium curry sauce.
61. Roshun Fish
Garlic flavoured sauce cooked medium with fish tikka.
62. Fish Tikka Bhoona
Fish tikka cooked with finely chopped onions, garlic and tomatoes dressed with coriander.
63. Boro Chingri Nawabi Passanda 
Tiger prawns slow cooked with red wine in creamy almond and coconut sauce.



Selection of a variety of dishes selected by the chef to give a taster of different dishes.

64. Meat thali
Selection of chicken Dakeshwari, lamb Roshni, shish kebab, chicken tikka, pilau rice & nan.

65. Vegetarian thali
Selection of somosa, onion bhaji, palook paneer, tarka dhaal, chana mossalla, boiled rice & nan.



All dishes are cooked with the choice of chicken or lamb.

66. Pataan chicken
A famous Afghanistan dish using ginger, chilli & garlic, cooked with lemon. Hot & spicy.
67. Nepalese tikka mossala 
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a mild, rich, creamy, almondy and coconutty sauce.
68. Murgh -I- Mossala 
The famous mossala containing minced lamb, chicken and boiled egg cooked in savoury spicy sauce.
69. Xacuti
A classical goan dish with coconut, spices and ground black peppercorn. Slightly hot, hint of lemon.
70. Chasney 
Strips of marinated chicken or lamb stirred with sweet peppers and onions, tangy and spicy sauce.
71. Jalfrezi
A highly spiced combination of peppers, onions cooked medium with a famous Bangladeshi sauce.
£ 9.50
72. Korahi 
Fresh herbs cooked with roasted jeera, onions peppers and tomatoes and spices fused together in “Korahi”(wok) to bring out a roasted flavour.
73. Morichcha
Pickled Bengal naga chillies cooked in hot chillies.
74. Murgh Jeera
A light of tantalising slow cooked chicken dish delicately flavoured with roasted cumin served with basmati rice.
75. Razzella
Smoked onion sauce with coriander, lemon and birds eye chillies, hot and spicy.
76. Roshun
Rich and spicy tomato and garlic sauce with slithers of deep fried garlic and coriander.
77. Roshni
Slow cooked with lime, green mangoes, coriander and hint of green chillies. Full of flavour and spice.
78. Bengal Keema
Spicy minced lamb cooked with peas and potatoes in a garlic savoured sauce.
79. Punjab Makhni
A lovely romantic dish with lots of flavour, creamy and spicy in butterly sauce. (only chicken)
80. Makhani
Mild and creamy dish slow cooked with ripe sweet mangoes and grounded coconut.
81. Nawabi Passanda
A north Indian dish using chicken tikka or thinly sliced lamb pieces that have been marinated in aromatic spices and cooked in a ground almond, cashew nut and red wine sauce.
82. Fruit passanda
Choice of chicken or lamb. Traditional passanda dish with fruits.
83. Dakeshwari
Marinated chicken tikka cooked with coriander, almonds, coconut and fenugreek leaves to give a unique taste of rich cream and herbs.
84. Jaipur
Marinated chicken cooked in tandoor pan cooked slightly hot in pickled onions, roasted peppers and tomatoes with coriander finish.
85. Dalda Murgh
Morsels of spiced chicken marinated with light spices cooked to perfection in a delicious creamy coconut and buttery sauce.


Authentic Tawa

A most sought after dish. A combination of bengal style sauce with rich herbs & spices. Thoroughly blended with a touch of crushed cumin, coriander seeds. Garnished with paprika, tomatoes & spring onions. Semi dry dish. Slightly hot.

86. Chicken or prawn £9.50
87. Lamb £9.50
88. King prawns £12.95
89. Paneer tikka £9.50
90. Naga tawa £10.50

Can be prepared with any of the above items


Traditional Indian

Any added vegetables to any curry extra £1.00 per veg. Madras or Vindaloo extra £0.60p. Tikka meats extra £1.00.

  Lamb Chicken or Prawn King Prawn Mixed Vegetables
91. Balti
Special Savoury sauce with fresh ground spices and herbs, cooked in a Balti wok.
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95
92. Korma
Very mild creamy rich in coconutty sauce
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95
93. Curry
Traditional medium savoury sauce.
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95
94. Saagwala
Authentic dish cooked with spinach.
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95
95. Chilli Mossala
Tangy, spicy with fresh green chillies in spicy sauce.
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95
96. Dansak
Pan cooked in spicy sweet and sour sauce with lentils.
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95
97. Rogan Josh
Cooked with garlic and herbs in rich tomato sauce.
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95
98. Malaya or Kashmir
Medium dish cooked with fruits.
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95
99. Pathia
A fresh and spicy dish cooked sweet and sour.
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95
100. Dupiaza
Medium spiced dish with fried onions.
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95
101. Bhoona
Cooked in a medium refreshingly spicy sauce.
£8.95 £7.95


102. Methi
Lamb stew prepared with fresh spices and fenugreek leaves. Other meats optional.
£8.95 £7.95 £12.95 £6.95


Vegatarian Dishes

Most of these dishes are cooked the traditional way by being tossed with fresh coriander, tomatoes and onions.

  Main Dishes Side Dishes
103. Palok Paneer 
Diced Indian cottage cheese in a puree of spinach tempered with spices and whole cumin.
£7.95 £4.25
104. Vegetable Paneer Makhani
Assorted vegetables and Indian cottage cheese in an Indian style tomato fondue sauce.
£7.95 £4.25
105. Matter paneer 
Green peas and Indian cheese.
£7.95 £4.25
106. Sabji Roshun
Fresh vegetables cooked with garlic.
£6.95 £3.75
107. Sabji Samba
Fresh vegetables cooked with lentils medium spiced.
£6.95 £3.75
108. Niramish
Spicy dry vegetable curry.
£6.95 £3.75
109. Bombay potatoes
Cooked the classic way but with a twist.
£6.95 £3.75
110. Aloo
Soft potatoes cooked with chick peas.
£6.95 £3.75
111. Chana Mossalla
Spicy chick peas.
£6.85 £3.75
112. Roshni mushroom 
Button mushrooms with Bengal touch.
£6.10 £3.75
113. Aloo Gobi
Potatoes and cauliflower.
£6.85 £3.75
114. Bhindi bhajee
Fresh okra.
£6.10 £3.75
115. Bringal Bhajee
Fresh aubergines.
£6.95 £3.75
116. Palook Aloo >
Spinach and potatoes.
£6.95 £3.75
117. Tarka Daal
Lentils and roasted garlic.
£6.95 £3.75
118. Chana Paneer
Chick peas and Indian cheese.
£7.95 £4.25
119. Mushroom bhaji
Button mushrooms tossed with onions and tomatoes.
£6.95 £3.75
120. Vegetable curry
Medium spiced vegetables in a savoury curry sauce.
£6.95 £3.75
121. Saag bhaji
Leaf spinach & garlic cooked in savoury spices.
£6.95 £3.75

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